Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eversor Assassins Through The Ages!

Not to mention through the editions!
One of my favorite old images of the Eversor Temple Assassin, and one that has not to my knowledge been reused, of course hailing from the cover of the 2nd edition Codex: Assassins. I was just leafing through that yesterday for nostalgia purposes and it had me thinking just how much has been taken away from the Eversor in terms of abilities. Man, he really used to have moves!
A figure also seen in Codex: Assassins, but reused in most Codices since (Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters, just to name two). This is the stereotypical Eversor image, and is likely the basis for the model below...

Pretty similar in posture and bearing. This has long since been my favorite 28mm model. I don't have any pictures, strangely, but mine has been a centerpiece of my Codex: Witchunters army from the very beginning.
This is perhaps the finest representation of the Eversor available in miniature form. This is the 54mm version available through Specialist Games for the Inquisitor game. Ironically, despite my love for the game and my interest in Eversors, I didn't know of this model until very recently. I am giving a good hard think to the idea of adding one to my nascent Ordo Sicarius Warband.

With the Grey Knight's Codex hitting in April, and the 0-1 limit apparently removed from Officio Assassinorum operatives, the future may yet be bright for the Eversor. I for one, am at least hoping for some new and imporved artwork, even if I am sad about some of the changes that have seemingly been made to him in the Codex.

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