Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Funny Things I Forgot: The Unicorn Pop Killaz

A Unicorn

A Unicorn Pop
Ever walk by a group of people talking and think you hear something random? There's just nothing else you can think of that could have been said, but you cannot imagine a conversation in which the words would come out spoken the way you heard it? This is that kind of story.

See, I was going out to lunch with several of my friends a few months ago, and as we were driving through the parking lot of a local Vietnamese Restaurant, we drove by two women walking to their car. The windows were rolled down, and we heard a snippet of the conversation. Three words landed simultaneously in the heads of all three people in the car. I was the first to voice the question:

"Did she just say Unicorn Pop Killaz?"

For a few weeks after that, we referred to ourselves as the Unicorn Pop Killaz. Then we forgot...

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Mike Howell said...

On some world, in some universe, a group of amateur musicians with dreams of stardom have just decided on the name of their band.