Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In Space (Hulk) No One Can Hear You...


So I played some Space Hulk over the weekend. The first game against my Daughter's Daemons counts as Genestealers, which I won (hooray for Stormbolters!). Awesomely enough, this is the first game we played with full Space hulk rules regarding movement, ie turning, backing, moving sideways, move and shoot, etc. It's a pretty big step for my girl, who has been playing somewhat simplified movement.

The second and third games, I was not a participant, but rather a referee as my Daughter and Son played. It was the first time my son had really played the game before, and he really took to it. It turns out his dice luck is even better than Sammi's as with the (slightly) simplified version they were playing, they were perfectly evenly matched.

I did take some pictures of the second game, which I don't have with me as I post this, but my battery died during the first game, so I'm not sure what survived. I should have some pics of that posted in the next few days.

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Porky said...

On the basis of that cover, it doesn't look like the Blood Angels will be getting their vengeance just yet. Those good old bright colours make a nice change.