Monday, February 28, 2011

Inquisitor Game With Honour Guard. Spoiler: I Lost.

So, as promised decided to get in a game of Inquisitor over the weekend. Called my friend Honour Guard over and told him to bring a small, three figure warband over, so we could get in a game or two. On short notice, I knew we would be playing a blind game, not up to our normal standards of narrative play, just because we had no idea of what things would be appropriate for each other's forces.

I was in for a surprise. Last time I played Inquisitor with Honour Guard, he had a 54mm Ordo Hereticus band. This time he brought a 28mm band made up, of all things, Star War Miniatures models!
His Force: Stormtrooper (power armor, hotshot rifle), Gunner (was some sort of assassin with needle pistol and targeting augmetics), and his Inquisitor (no wargear to mention, but a serious pain in the behind Psyker). Incidentally, his force brought home to me how bad the scaling is between different figures in this line. Look how big the engineer is! And look at that dinky stormie! The whole game,I must have said "Aren't you a little short to be a stormtrooper?" like a million times.
My Force: Had to come up with this on the fly, since my previously planned 54mm force was a no-go. I had my Spartan/Inquisitor in power armor and with a Bolter, and ODST/ Drop Troops with Carapace armor and stubbers. As you can tell, the sizing is much more consistent on these guys, even though they are a little bit bigger than the Star Wars figs. They are about right for 40k scale though, so I'll learn to cope ;)

Since that was such a big wordy post, I am going to have the battle report be a seperate post. Stay tuned for that! Like the title says, not much of a surprise on the outcome.

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