Friday, February 25, 2011

Inquisitor: Making A Warband, The Hard Way

Since I am in the throes of restarting Inquisitor as a going endeavor, I figure I need to start putting together my warband. Now the easy thing to do would be to pick some figures out from my drawers full (yes, multiple large drawers) of pre-painted plastic figures from my toy collection or other games. Am I going to do that? Yes, probably, at least in the short term. Since I am going to use the actual 54mm scale for my games this time around instead of the cheapskate 28mm, I simply have to use my toy soldier type figs if I want to play in anything like the near future.

Long term goals? I may want to do an Inquisitor to lead the band. Again, the easy way would be to just pick one I like from the book and buy his figure from Specialist Games. Am I going to do that? Certainly not! I am currently batting around the idea of using either an Ordo Xenos Deathwatch or an Ordo Malleus Grey Knight instead of an Inquisitor as the head of my Warband. Of course, the only marine fig in this scale is Artemis, which is a point in the favor of the Deathwatch, but the artwork from Space Marines article at the Resources Site makes me want to do Grey Knights. All the current Grey Knights hoopla probably doesn't help either. On the other hand, I have been a Deathwatch fan ever since I first discovered this game, and have never painted a proper Deathwatch mini.

Time will tell.

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