Thursday, February 17, 2011

Legacy: A Book Review

So I finished the second book from the Shira Calpurnia cycle, Legacy, last night.
Legacy is the tale of the succession of a Rogue Trader, Hoyyon Phrax. The succession is traditionally overseen by the arbites, and Shira herself is in charge of this occurence. What starts out as a simple administrative task turns into a convoluted affair frought with peril as another claimant arises, and the Imperium itself infights over the physical artifact of the Phrax charter itself.

  • A look into the workings of a Rogue Trader charter. With how important Rogue Traders are to a lot of the history of Warhammer 40k, this title is almost a must read for afficionados, historians, and those nostalgic to the genre.
  • Xenos Weaponry Oddities. There are a lot of weird digital, xenos, and plain old sci-fi ideas in one of the book fight scenes that gave me a warm tingly feeling. There are really a lot of things you read about in the fluff that make an appearance here.
  • Mechanicus. There is a terrific scene with Magos Sanja, the recurring Bosporian Geno Technologist from the first book. I've never 'rooted' for a mechanicus character in a book, good or bad, because they are usually just too weird for my taste. But it's hard to not like Sanja in this one.
  • A Series Of Unrelated Events. Much of the book is outside the purview of the main character. Shira really is not in the book much, considering that she is ostensibly the title's main character. Most of the story happens with the two claimants, or with Simonov, the Ministorum representative that has his own agenda.
  • Confusing Names. There are a lot of them. Especially on the Rogue Trader 'council' as it were. Made it hard to follow what was going on in several of the last significant scenes.


Silar Lannanaris said...

I'm enjoying these book reviews I like how you are straight to point of pro's and cons great read!

I was thinking of getting series, but in your honest opinion is it worth it?

CounterFett said...


I got it because I went through a phase as enforcers in Necromunda.

There are LOTS of omnis out there that are better reads.