Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lysander. Let Me Count The Ways.

So, thinking about using Lysander (or counts as Lysander anyway) to give the Scouts I was taking about earlier some improved cover. Got the idea from some of my commenters from the Scout thread in fact. Plus, he's a cool character that I have never used before. He's like a super BA (and I don't mean Blood Angel) THSS Terminator, with a bit of Techmarine and Telion thrown in for good measure. Pretty cool. But, and you saw this coming, I hate to spring the cost of buying him at GW single fig price, just to have to scrape all of the Imperial Fists Logos off of him and then convert him. If I am doing conversions, let's at least save the money and not have to shave any insignias.
So what about this guy? I have spare Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields from when I built my Space Hulk Terminators (who are now being repainted as Mantis Warriors), so no problem there. I think this dude is about the right size, to boot.

Looks like a good fit, plus, not a terribly difficult conversion...we are talking about me here, after all. Plus, I am sure I can use that flamethrower he comes with as a Melta or some such.


Mihalis "Cadaver" Skalkos said...

I think I know who gave you the idea! :P Lysander is my personal favourite Space Marine Character and I never leave home without him... The conversion seem viable but you prolly need some shoulderpads as well to get closer to the Terminator armor look.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, I think I am going to need some termy pads, like you were saying. I might spring for some from Chapterhouse studios, since this conversion is going to be a focal point for the army, so to speak. Need to wait to find out what chapter I need, though :D