Saturday, February 5, 2011

Marine Scouts: To Infiltrate Or Not To Infiltrate?

So, I have decided the troops component of my Army Cook-Off is going to be Space Marine Scouts. I have even decided how to arm them. The wonderful readers have decided they will be the Mantis Legion (via the poll). I even narrowed it down to how the scouts, Terminators, and Dreadnoughts might have appeared in a desperate boarding action above Tranquility. Good things all.

Now, I am trying to decide what other things I need in said army to make this concept a fighting reality, along with how I plan to use it. Straightforward is better as far as I am concerned. I was planning on infiltrating my Scouts onto cover or objectives (ideally with bolstered defenses via Lysander or Master of the Forge), as far forward as possible. The goal is to have them rapid firing as many rounds as possible into anything vulnerable to said fire, and screwing up target priority so the Termies and Dreads can shred anything too 'ard for the scouts to handle. Oh, and don't forget that conversion beamer. :)

The problem lies in whether this is a good plan or not. Keeping the scouts alive is a pretty important part of the plan, hence the emphasis on good cover saves. Plus, I like the scouts option to take advantage of any mistakes during my opponents' deployment.

I suppose I could play some games that way, and if I get stomped harder than normal I'll know it's a bad plan. Any input would be appreciated though, and avoided humiliation is the best kind of humiliation, as far as I am concerned.


sonsoftaurus said...

Infiltration is good. It doesn't have to be used to get as close to the enemy as possible. Sometimes it's better just to be able to respond to enemy deployment - setting up to load up a flank that they thought would be weak, set up to cover objectives in your own DZ, set up where can get good lines of fire, etc. A good spot you can plink from and survive is better than a spot you rapidfire from once and then die.

CounterFett said...

Looking back at what I wrote, and then at what you said, honestly I mean more like what you said.

Eh, usually I am pretty good at expressing myself. I'll leave this up as an object lesson to myself to not write when I'm too tired.

Moving suxors.

Anonymous said...

which codex are you using if you go with the da codex you can get ws and bs4
and scoring terminators

40k Terrain said...

I've been thinking about this for a couple of days. Somebody on Twitter posted similar comments (might have been you) having decided to use bolters rather than sniper rifles. I keep wondering how a full six squads of scouts might do; or maybe four supported by two Tac. And of course everything else.

I just don't know if the infiltrate itself is sufficient to make scouts a primary unit. They're only 3pts less per model than Tactical marines; and the tactical marines are WS 4, BS 4, and AS 3+. I'm just not sure the scouts are good value.

On the other hand, it would be way cool if you could find a balance of support units that made it work. Best of luck!

40k Terrain
Warhammer Armies

CounterFett said...

@ Anonymous: I think Codex: Space Marines, but not set in stone yet. I originally had planned this project around Blood Angels, so that's a maybe, but I think Vanilla is less counts as and will make less people hate me :)

@ Steve: Yeah, they may well not be a great value, but I've wanted to do scouts for a bit, and this seems lieka fine chance to get to it. I can always flop codex and use them as Inquisition Stormies, they're a great value =D

jabberjabber said...

Having played many games against marines, I'd suggest that infiltrating them is the most annoying tactic! Especially if they're armed with something nasty (melta bombs; power weapon, etc.) and a purpose.