Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Scouts, And How To Gear Them Up.

Well, a bunch of the options in my Army Cook-Off 2011 poll involve Space Marines of some flavor, or something that counts as Space Marines of some flavor. This time, I know what I want to count as Scouts, and I am pretty sure I want to use them to fill up Force Org slots, but I need to start deciding, list wise, how I want to kit them out. So I ask you, faithful internets, what is a good weapon loudout for Space Marine Scouts?

They are probably going to be in teams of 5. They are probably going to be all of my troops choices. The rest of the list is still TBD. Min-Maxing this list is not a priority, but getting stomped on is never fun, so some anti-armor is probably a good idea. I am still open, at this point, as to what Codex to use, so take your pick in that regard, though Codex Vanilla is the most likely choice.

I know they fill vastly different roles, but what seems to be most effective for folks? Shotties? Bolters? assaulters? Snipers (derisive chuckle)? To Camo or not to Camo? I have always liked them, thematically, but never used them much.

Basically, I am open to some ideas. Who here has used scouts effectively?


Jon said...

Am new to 40k, I play space marines and have had good success with sniper rifles. The sarg can take one, they're only pts extra and they can infiltrate. So I'm fielding them as my troops w/ 3 snipers and sometimes a missle. Works well if I roll well!

Mihalis "Cadaver" Skalkos said...

I always use a 5 man squad with cc wpns and pistols and a searg with combi melta in a Land Speeder storm armed with a multi melta. Their role is mostly take out as many enemy armor as possible and as fast as possible but also deny and/or take objectives if they are able to survive that long. Another choice which I tend to think over in my last few games is a 5 man squad with snipers and a missle launcher. I don't take cammo cloacks because I use Lysander's bolsten defences. They tend to miss A LOT though, so I'm thinking on taking Telion to boost the BS a bit...

michael said...

You should go with an all 10th company. You have scouts for troops, Speeders and scout bikers for Fast Attack, plus whatever the armory will spare to fill out the heavy support slot. No marines anywhere, would be unique.

For kit I like to mix 50/50 assault and shooty. The 5 long range guys are pretty simple 4 snipers, a missile launcher, and camo cloaks. With 5 guys you really want to keep them alive as long as possible. For close combat squads take a powerfist and close combat weapons. You want the fist because you won't have a ton of attacks so you want to make them count. If you want to outflank with them you don't need cloaks, but how I play them I do. Infiltrate them forward in cover and scout them as close as possible. That way you are putting pressure on your opponent and messing with his target priority from the start. (don't be afraid to go to ground for 2+ saves. My favorite thing to do with this unit is to give it a teleport homer. Then I deepstrike a speeder carrying 5 scouts off of them. Let the speeder pop a tank with the melta. When the scouts assault out of the speeder they get the abilities from the speeder, and if you can get the squad with the teleport homer stuck in too you have 2 power fists in the fight.

My last trick is to try and squeeze a techmarine in somewhere, either Thunderfire, master of the forge, or a regular elite choice. That way you can bolster a ruin to give all your long range cloaked guys 2+ saves.

BEREK said...

i run mine with a melta gun... then again i run space wolves and they are not troops