Friday, February 18, 2011

Space Hulk: Return Of The War Hat!

Yes. The War Hat has been found and has made its triumphant return to the world of Space Hulk.
That's my son, it was his turn to wear the coveted War Hat. Cute huh?
Sammi deploys her famous Pink Daemon Army Of Doom And Destruction. 'And Pink.' That last bit is what she always wants me to add at the end. Not terribly creative in deployment, but then she is related to me.
This is after a turn or two of maneuver. I intentionally kept this simple, since it was Gavin's first time really playing. He does not even have his own army yet (he is about to inherit some quasi-painted Orks, which will soon be his default Space Hulk army), so we were just counting his Halo figs as Genestealers. Seemed the easiest thing to do.
Out at the pointy end. From this side of the board, you can see the 'casualties' pile.
The Endgame. I love this photo because it is very evocative of 'hard' sci-fi movies with swarms of unspeakably terrible monsters swarming down the space station halls towards the outnumbered valiant human heroes. As it turns out, Gavin's Spartans were as unspeakably terrible as Sammi's Daemons, but that is besides the point. Gavin ended up winning, since his dice rolling is even more consistent than Sammi's. Her "beginner's luck" has run out, becasue she is beginning to understand what she needs to roll in most cases, and we all know what a negative impact that can have on your dice.

Thanks for reading folks, until next time!


Rkik said...

Ok, I must ask, what rules do you use for your version of Space Hulk?

I have a 4 year old son who is always interested in my Warhammer stuff, and it would be great to play a bit more with them.

mordiano said...

What are thoose tiles?? Seem cool for Space hulk etc!!

CounterFett said...

@ Rkik
I use the Space hulk bible, but I don't make them keep track of facing. So since my daughters daemons count as genestealers, she mostly attacks and counts her spaces. When I am playing against just her, we now use the normal 'stealer movement rules.

She usually wins.

@ Mordiano: the modular game board is from the Halo Interactive Strategy Game. It comes with even more tiles and options than I usually use. I bought it on clearance at Toys 'R Us, which was another bonus, I think it was like $10. I should have bought all they had.