Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekly Update! That Old Feeling!

Despite having moved into the new house almost completely, and not having any more excuses for doing nothing, I have made next to no progress! Wow, I suck. Well, it's not entirely true...I have been working on some hobby related projects, just not much in the way of picture taking type progress. Anyway, on to my favorite thing, numbered lists!
  1. The garage/man cave is pretty much set now. I have a china cabinet which is set up to hold my minis as well as my bindered game books (I cut the binding off of the books that I use, and put them in page protectors so they will lay flat while I play). I also have the painting area workbench set up the way I like it. More to come...
  2. The Enforcer Omnibus is all wrapped up, and the last review is posted as of yesterday. I have another omni I was saving for a rainy day, which is the Eisenhorn Trilogy by Dan Abnett. The first book, Xenos, I read over the weekend, and the first review is already in the can, so to speak. Expect to see it early this afternoon.
  3. Inquisitor! Yeah, I redownloaded the Living Rulebook from specialist games and got it printed, sleeved, and into a binder. I had slipped off from playing it a while back, and got rid of the pages to make room for something else. But then, when we got moved, I realized I was awash in 54mm figures that I was doing nothing with. Then I thought "Hey, I know a great game for them!" and the rest, as they say, is history. Expect to see some battle reports from this in the near future.
That's all for now folks. Hope your week is going swell thusfar. What has everyoene else been up to?

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