Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why Is There Not Cooler Dreadnought Art?

Well, I mean, aside from Bjorn the Fell-Handed...
 Yeah, his artwork is awesome.
Anyway, back on topic. I am planning on putting together some riflemen Dreads to accompany my Scout-centric Codex Vanilla troops. There are a couple of rationales at work here, and please bear with me. There are also a couple of assumptions worked into this logic, so if you notice one, it's safe to assume I know it's there, and just read on.

My list will be pretty good against Infantry. Bolters (plus Lysander with Bolter Drill) and Heavy Bolters with Hellfire pretty much spell out doom for anything that walks. Well, what about stuff that rolls? I need anti armor to kill that. Instead of giving my scouts missile launchers, so all those bolter shots are wasted on tanks, I need another unit to support them. Which is really how Space Marine lists are supposed to work. Units supporting each other in overlap, right?

A theme for this upcoming army (I think it's a safe bet I know what's going to win the poll at this point), will be a boarding party against an enemy ship above a certain contested world. I am going to have my basing reflect that idea, with grates and miscellaneous machinery. Power Conduits for objective markers, and so forth. Well, what don't you bring on a boarding mission? That's right, tanks. Incidentally, this is also why I chose to not use camo cloaks for my scouts. What do you wear to camouflage you in a ship?

So my firepower needs to be of the Walking variety. That leaves Dreads. It means Gun-Dreads. More to come...


sonsoftaurus said...

You're looking at it the wrong way.

ANY art that includes dreadnoughts is inherently awesome.

CounterFett said...


There is that. I was looking for art for this post, and the only picture I could find that made a Dreadnought look like it was moving dynamically was Bjorn.

There were a few pretty cool pics of them firing assault cannons or missiles, but I wanted DCCWs or blood talons tearing stuff up.

LoneIslander said...

Tis extremely awesome.

Pedro "The Singer" Kantor said...

"Scout-centric Codex Vanilla troops."

So what's your excuse for not doing it the Crimson Fist's way? :P

CounterFett said...

Actually, I love the crimson fists, the only excuse is I already have an army I run as Pedro and Sternguard.