Wednesday, March 23, 2011

28mm. Who Knew It Was Why I Collected Transformers?

So, yesterday morning I posted about needing robot toys or models in the 5-6" range to portray 30 foot tall mecha in a 28mm game setting. There were some good comments regarding the use of Revoltech or Gundam models in the FG grade that could be obtained on the cheap.
Then I got home, and my wife asked me "Why don't you just use all of those Transformers you have sitting in boxes?" Say, that's a pretty good question. I have a fair number of Transformers that are in the right size range, have guns built onto them (rather than carrying rifle looking things like Macross or Gundam mechs), and have the added bonus of being able to represent other military vehicles in the same scale. The funny thing is, this is not even the first time I have thought about doing such a thing. Think Tau.

It is an elegant solution, and has the added bonus of being both easy and cheap. Not to mention that I already own, as my wife reminded me, a buttload of Transformers.


Mike Howell said...

Great idea. I completely missed age bracket for Transformers. I do remember looking at what was clearly a Miria-type VF-1J Valkyrie in a toy store, but balked at buying it because it was labeled as a Transformer and had a little sticker on it. Oh, the regret later.

CounterFett said...

Yeah. There was soooo much overlap back then. A lot of the time, I did not even realize that things were in different frnachises.

Battletech and Robotech are the most obvious, but Transformers, Go-bots, Exo, and the like were all pretty derivative too.