Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Callidus Assassins: A Walk Down Memory Lane

So, after the tremendous success of my Eversor post, I figured I would have a brief look at the next Officio Assassinorum Operative on my hit parade, the Callidus.
With a neural shredder, C'tan Phase Blade, and a bodysuit that seems to be with her in mind more than the male operatives, the Callidus seems like she should have a lot more art devoted to her than she does. In fact, this is just about the only artwork image I can find. This is, of course, from my old Codex: Assassins book.

Remember how she looked in the Inquisition Codices? Of course you don't, she was not illustrated in them.
But she does have a pretty good miniature image from the old GW site.
And her Inquisitor model is one of the best in the series. Even in small statue form, she looks ready to seperate a few heads from necks. Wicked. Not so sure about the red pants though. Is Red the new black when it comes to being sneaky?

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