Thursday, March 17, 2011

ClanTroops: The Ugly Cousin.

I stated a few days ago my joy at finding my long lost Tabletop love BattleTroops. At the same time, I also grabbed ClanTroops, the expansion that came along two years later which added more weapons, more scenarios, and of course, Elementals and other Power Armor.

I never had or played ClanTroops as a kid, so I was not quite sure what to expect. It seems like a very well executed expansion. I will likely not throw Elementals or any of the other optional rules into the mix until after I have played through a few of the BattleTroops Scenarios, just to reacquaint myself with the system. Since using Elementals lowers the unit count even further than standard BattleTroops, however, I am sure I will graduate to it soon. Many of the scenarios seem to require using 'mechs though, which, again, I do not want to integrate until later.

In any case, I figured ClanTroops is an interesting enough find to merit a post of its own, rather than continuing to live in BattleTroops' shadow.

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