Monday, March 28, 2011

Crysis 2 Nanosuit 2.0: Alcatraz

I've been really impressed with Crysis 2, it seemed to have a lot of the Campaign mode polish that I felt was lacking from the also recently released Homefront.
I was so happy, in fact, that I decided to spring for a cool toy that I had not realized I was going to be into the first time I saw it. Now, I don't know if these are supposed to be Target exclusives, or what, but I have been to Walmart, Toys R' Us, and Kmart, and the only place I have found them so far is Target. I think that is kind of a shame, really, since it turned out to be such an awesome figure.
Basically, Alcatraz comes with 5 different weapons, a pistol, assault rifle, semi automatic shotgun, sniper rifle, and JAW (rocket launcher). Astonishingly, they all fit rather well in his hands, something of a lost art in the toy business these days, it seems. He has articulation in all of the right places, and the joints are hidden superbly. I was in the pleasant situation of actually being surprised by how much range of motion he had.

All in all, I give this figure a highly favorable rating. If you are into Crysis, Crysis 2, or this type of armor, I recommend getting some of these toys.


plainwill said...

any one else think he shares a resemblance to the vindacare assasin

CounterFett said...

I was actually thinking about using a vindicare to represent him, lol.

Gyro said...

So it was a toss up between Home Front and Crysis 2, I guess this settles it...

CounterFett said...

@ Gyro

It really depends what type of game you play more. I play campaign, mostly single player, in the middle of the night after my family went to bed. For me, Crysis 2 wins hands down.

The online multi in Homefront seems killer, and a lot of people who I trust say it's some of the best there is.