Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daleks, And The Miniatures To Play As Them

During The Articulated Monster podcast, I had talked about wanting to get a Dalek toy. I went and looked, and such a thing can be had, but I don't really feel like spending $15 plus S&H to get one that is not even in a scale I use. So, what I am thinking of instead is using some paper miniatures for either a board or miniatures game in the near future. I found a great site that has downloadable and printable Daleks and Cybermen (as well as other Sci-Fi franchises) already scaled to 28mm. What Luck! Not only do I get to be lazy and not creat the image files myself, but I even get to be super lazy and not even need to resize them!

However, since paper miniatures are so...transitory, what I was considering is printing them on some Shrinky Dink printer sheets, with the minis enlarged to 300%, in order to make 28mm plastic 2-dimensional semi-permanent Daleks. They might even see some use as Legio Cybernetica footsloggers (well, treadsloggers anyway).

The website can be found here... CrowsNest


Mike Howell said...

Check out John Lambshead's Dalek-infused game scenario!


CounterFett said...

I saw that, it was a big part of what inspired me to do this project. The minis he uses, however, are a bit on the hard side to find, however.

Mario! said...

They are coming out with some LEGO-esque Doctor Who sets, and there will be Daleks and Cybermen. Not sure if they'll be the right size for your needs, though.

J said...

A paper model built on good paper (not printer paper) with a good glue is going to last just fine unless you like to crush your models into a on top of each other into a small container when you're done playing.

If you're still worried about the durability, use label sheets (whole thing is a giant printable sticker) with plasticard backing.