Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Death Angel Print-On-Demand Expansions!

Great news for fellow fans of the Death Angel Card Game. Turns out Fantasy Flight Games has found a way to do print on demand selling for at least their card games, and is able to market this viably. Good on them, I hope that this makes them more profitable and able to keep on offering their innovative and interesting products. Without being too much of a fanboy, I have really been enjoying the current streak of winners from FFG.


kenchan13 said...

Do you like this game? I've attempted to play a dozen times and at first i found it utterly confusing. I understand the game mechanics now but i just don't find it fun i guess. I still feel like i'm playing it wrong? Thoughts?

CounterFett said...

Eh, actually, this is one I didn't like nearly as much as I thought I would. I was really pumped about the solitaire aspect, but I always end up cheating when I play by myslef if something happens I don't like.

Plus, I have the sneaking suspicion I'm not doing it right...Nevertheless, it's turned out to be pretty popular.

I am excited about FFG new POD function. Hopefully, this will help them reduce costs and get some of those cover prices under control.