Friday, March 25, 2011

Death Company...I'm Baaaaack! Sort Of.

The Death Company. The merits and drawbacks of these dudes have been argued back and forth for at least as long as the Current Blood Angels Codex has been out. I've always wanted to run some, and the reason was because the models are just so darn cool. Now, however, I think I have an excuse to buy the models, which does not involve me using the dubious rage fueled led by the nose Death Company rules.
The Manei Domini! See, I was looking for interesting power armor for BattleTroops games (because I love me some low model count), and needed some opponents for my Comstar power armor troops. I always play as Comstar, and what better opponent than their Frankenstein's monster the Word of Blake. A lot of the Word of Blake Iconography involves blood, and angels, and swords. Where, oh where, can I find power armor troops with lots of character and building options, that have that sort of motif?

Hmmm. Maybe I can use them for Comstar too, and just give them white coat, then go Maroon for WoB?

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