Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doom: Can This Replace Space Hulk?

I recently got interested in Doom The Boardgame as an alternative to playing so much Space Hulk. Now, I love Space Hulk, it is one of the cornerstones of my gaming history, but I feel the experience does suffer from not EVER having owned any iteration of the actual game. Now, I have the Space Hulk Bible, which is a compilation of the original rules, but the board, figures, dice, tiles, etc. have always been self supplied. I would like to rectify that. Now, since Space Hulk is pricey, when it can even be found, I was thinking of getting something to supplement it.

Enter Doom The Boardgame. Of course, since I decided I want it, FFG has discontinued it, and it is getting more and more scarce, but can still be had. It looks like a similar play flow to Space Hulk, but with the added benefit that there can be multiple players, and also that there is a varied cast of monsters. In Space Hulk, unless you are using the SHB, you can fight any aliens you want, as long as their Genestealers.

Additionally, I can use the board and figures to play Frag-O-Rama, a pretty slick free game that can be downloaded at the link above. Did I mention it's free? Free is my favorite price.


kenchan13 said...

These games are similar but for me Space Hulk is just a tiny wee bit better. Why? I dont know precisely. The Doom game had an expansion that is near impossible to get that apparently fixed some of the "broken" rules in Doom (i forget what issues they address though). btw have u been by my blog lately? I have had quite an interesting thing happen regarding Space Hulk 1st edition...

CounterFett said...

I did see that. It's not fair. I've been trying to get Space Hulk for forever. You got Space Marine AND Space Hulk. for $15?!?

Not Fair.

I mostly want it for the board and pieces. I imagine I would play the normal game a bit, then would use it for Frag-O-Rama, and maybe even Space Hulk, because that's how I roll.

I know Doom itself has had a bit of mixed reviews, but that so many people think it stacks up so closely to SH speaks volumes I think, considering SH is in its third edition and has had scads of followers.

Bo Bo said...

Wow, thanks for sharing Fett! I'd never even heard of that game before and I'm a massive Doom fan, will have to look into getting me one of these. I've always loved Space Hulk, Space Crusade and Hero Quest so if this is any similar I'm sure I'd love it.