Friday, March 11, 2011

Grey Knights. More Dissent.

Quite to my surprise, I have heard (well, read mostly) a fair bit of folks who are upset with the appearance of the new Grey Knight squad box. A large part of this seems to be due to price. Yes, they will be $33, but so are Sanguinary Guard and Death Company. There are only five to a box, but ditto. I think this is not a well thought out objection, considering just how many goodies come with these fellows. Is it possible to buy a box of Grey Knights and a box of Tacticals and make three squads of 5 Grey Knights? I don't know, but I bet people will be trying it out come April. I might do something like it myself, depending on how suitable the pieces are for kitbashing into Deathwatch Marines.

So, in summation, I rather like the new Grey Knights. they come with oodles of conversion possibilities, look pretty cool, and make the GK more cost accessible to those of use who do not want to go with an all metal army.


Loquacious said...

They look pertifull!

kmilligan said...

Personally I'm really disappointed with the new sculpts. They look inferior to the similarly priced Death Company, Sanguinary Guard and Wolf Guard Terminators. I feel like these were designed and cast years ago.

I've preordered the codex and I feel the only way I will expand my current force is through hunting down the old metal casts.

I've already swapped many of the options available in the new codex onto my existing knights just for variety, now I don't have an option in what they will be carrying as far as wysiwyg goes.

Chris said...

I think they're fairly decent, but those storm bolters are horrible. Absolutely horrible!

Chunky, clunky, unrefined. They literally look like a bad conversion. Fair enough, the belt fed type from the metals might have been difficult to do in plastic, but at least reduce the size of them - they just look stuck on. It's particularly striking on the dual sword-wielding marine. How often must he accidently chop the barrels of the SB off in combat? :)

slipwing said...

I like them, except for the storm bolter clips sticking out to the side.