Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Head Replacement I've Been Waiting For.

Pig Iron Productions, purveyor of excellent aftermarket replacement parts for miniatures, has at long last released the helmets I was waiting for. Titled simply HD.17 System Trooper Alternative heads 
See, they have the right shape, the faceted VISR shaped faceplate, and come in groups of twenty. Finally, I can now turn Cadians into UNSC Orbital Drop Shock Troopers! The only thing I'm not crazy about on them is the little electronic sensor thingie on the right side of each helmet.

Now, to just decide what I want said ODSTs to count as. I was thinking Inquisition Storm Troopers were the best choice by points, etc. Plus, it would allow to me get one more run out of my beloved Witch Hunters Codex.

What does everyone think?


Night Runner said...

Never saw them before. They are a great find and look excellent. Well sculpted and perfect for Cadians.

Bix said...

They are defo spot on for ODST helms and I think the choice of Inq Storm Troops is a good one.

CounterFett said...

@ Night Runner: I think they are new. Pig Iron has been making a lot of news with their sculpts lately, and these look like one more success for them.

@ Bix: IST were my choice because I wanted something that was a bit tougher than Guardsmen, but still filled a troops slot. Plus, the points value in the Witchhunters codex is tough to beat.