Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How To Sporterize A Mosin Nagant Without Altering It Permanently

So, something most folks don't know out there in the blogosphere is that I have interests and hobbies outside of the world of tabletop wargaming.
Recently, a friend of mine picked up a surplus 91/30 Mosin Nagant (World War II Soviet Bolt Action Infantry Rifle), and he was considering 'modernizing' it. I suggested that he do it in a way that would not require permanent alteration, so if he wanted to  ever return it to stock condition, he could do so.
I suggested the drop in style stock. Note: this is not the scope mount set-up I recommend. This style would require drilling the receiver, as well as bending the bolt handle.
If you are going to scope a stock Mosin, this is how I suggest doing it. The mount itself replaces the rear sight, and you use a long eye relief or pistol scope in a kind of poor man's scout rifle idea. You could even use a red dot. All in all, you have a pretty slick hunting or utility rifle package for around $300 (including the rifle), that fires a full power service round, and you also have the option of 'resetting' it in the old military furniture.

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The LeadHead said...

Very nice - I hate to see Mosins or SKS's get permanently "bubba-fied". I used the same type of mount to put a holographic sight on my AK-47.