Friday, March 4, 2011

Mortar Spam: The Return Of The OgrynWing?

If you have not already done so: Read Pathfinder's post here! 

Now, finished, done? Okay. Now that is a great post, and makes a lot of excellent, well thought out points, and is generally better game thinking and list building than I am capable of. Can I pirate this list to give more life to the defunct OgrynWing concept? Maybe.

See, a Mortar Team is 2 wounds. A squad of five Ogryn size models, with two wounds each, toting something that looks a bit like a mortar, ought to do the trick. Right? Maybe something like the Leadbelchers above, with a few IG or Space Marine bits to 'tech' them up? Even Ork pieces would not look out of place, if executed properly.

It could work, I think.

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