Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Adventure In Transformers As Mecha: Skullgrin

So I detailed yesterday my wife's brilliant simple plan for using Transformers as 28mm scale BattleMechs. Furthermore, I expressed my approval of the plan based on the fact that many of them could also be used as combat vehicles in the same scale. Along those lines, I present to you my latest purchase:

Skullgrin. Now, this is not my picture, but it is the packaging and model I got. From it, you can tell that in vehicle mode, Skullgrin is a halftrack with a tank turret. I should have pictures of my own up for Skullgrin over the weekend, along with some size comparison shots of different miniature lines. As cool as he might be in Robot form, I think he'll see more use as a combat vehicle.

One neat feature you can't see is that the darker grey molded secondary weapons are detachable, and can be attached at 9 different points on the chassis or turret for different configurations. This is handy for this use especially, as I can have Skullgrin represent a number of different combat Vehicles from the Battletech universe, and simply attach whatever weapons are needed. A nice touch from Hasbro, if you ask me.


Jason said...

It's funny that you went with Transformers because you have a bunch of them, and then the first thing you did was go buy a new one.

Well done!

CounterFett said...

That's about how I roll, yes.

I was going to spend $40 on amazon buying two revoltech. That makes a lot of deluxe class transformers from WalMart!

Dawfydf said...

That new clip system is quite spiffy. To date it's gotten a workout on the Skullgrin/ Darkmount sculpt for maximum firepower, Kup as a mounting for his rifle (ala the original toy) and, most awesomely, with Jazz for his speakers :)

Also, if you don't already I'd suggest tracking down an example of the Bludgeon/ Banzaitron sculpt. A main battletank that becomes a robotic samurai wth a skull face & a pair of swords. Possibly a stand in for a GK Dreadknight?