Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Favorite Game From Days Of Yore!

This is one of those old gems of tactical tabletop gaming that was overlooked largely because of its more successful cousin, in this case BattleTech. I played it quite a bit back in the day, because my only gamer friend at the time was a bit older than me, and he was always afraid I was going to 'mess up' his painted BattleMechs. In retrospect, he was kind of a tool.

One of BattleTroops' shining virtues was its movement and firing mechanism, which I have not seen repeated since. Instead of hexes or squares, you moved from dot to dot, and terrain was in between said dots, and therefore you always knew you were passing terrain, rather than trying to decide if you were in it, through it, hindered by it, etc.

After you had finished moving, you used your remaining movement points to complete other actions like set up firing arcs, readying grenades, or laying in a heavy weapon. The only downside was that many scenarios would devolve into bunkering up and hosing the other side with whatever firepower you could move into position. On the flip side of that coin, a lot of modern firefights work out that way. Strange that a great sci-fi game could be denigrated due to...realism.

I am telling you all of this because BattleTroops may well be my favorite small scale infantry game of all time. I never owned it. Today, after literally a DECADE of searching, I found BattleTroops and it's Clan Invasion era sequel ClanTroops. I now have both, and I am about to get my game on!

More to come...


DoomOnYou said...

Wow man Battletroops and Clantroops. THose were great games. There was also a Shadowrun version (Downtown DMZ IIRC) that uses the same system. The first game I remember using the dots onstead of hexes or squares though was the Power Armor game Steve Jackson did for OGRE though. Not as cool or detailed as Battletroops but still fun.

CounterFett said...

Good info man, thanks. I had forgotten the old Steve Jackson game.

I never knew there was a Shadowrun version.