Sunday, March 27, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #10!

So, after a lazy Saturday of not doing anything, anything at all, even my evening blog post, it is time to update with another Power Armor Countdown! As promised in yesterday's installment, we are staying in Warhammerville for another post, so hope you all don't mind. I figure something like 75% of my readershipr are 40k players, so it's probably not that big a deal.
Tau Crisis Armor. Yeah, I referenced this waaaaaay back in the Stealth Suit post as a drawback, because as cool as those suits are, they occupy a space that basically every Tau player would rather fill with Crisis Suits. These things can Jump. They have a 3+ save. They can carry multiple systems. They can carry as much firepower as a Dreadnought. Basically, a Crisis Suit turns a Tau Fire Warrior into a friggin Gundam.

Plus points for making a geeky blue alien into a BattleMech, minus points for still only having an armor save which matches a Space Marine Tactical Squad.


Gyro said...

What are we counting down to again?

CounterFett said...


Less succinct answer: Top 25 power armors.

Gyro said...

Ah, of course! I didn't know if there was a 'big reveal' I missed somewhere in the shuffle.

CounterFett said...

Nope. As far as I know, I didn't let anyone know the ranking. This is just my arbitrary list of what I think a re the best or coolest power armors from science fiction.

Dawfydd said...

Tau Crisis suits: Awesome in terms of concept, background & rules. Absolutely dire in terms of execution. My fondest hope is that whenever the new Codex ships, GW do the smart thing (crazy, I know) and simply render unto their consumer plastic versions of Forgeworlds freakishly sexy crisis variants :)

CounterFett said...


I think that's what everyone is hoping.