Thursday, March 24, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #12!

Well ladies and gentlemen, Thursday has come, and with it a ray of hope for Friday and the arrival of a much needed weekend. In today's Power Armor Countdown, we remain in the realm of video gaming, but do switch genres a bit, so to speak. Today we visit the game that changed my mind about First Person Shooters.
Republic Commando Katarn Armor. See, Star Wars can have armor worth a damn. The Katarn Armor in which Republic Commandos are clad is exclusive to them, and is perfect for their roles as self sufficient, behind the lines killers. It is equipped with shielding, armor protection, and a gauntlet mounted punch dagger.The Commandos themselves are equipped with Bacta implants which allow them to be revived by teammates if incapacitated. Essentially, Republic Commandos are Stronger. Faster. Better.

Plus placement for being the coolest armored humans in the Star Wars Universe. Minus for taking four of you to get anything done.


Dawfydd said...

Consider that negative though: Yes, you typically need four to get anything done. But, it's four guys in REALLY cool armour with at least two winning personalities between them, guaranteed. Double the average macho space-marine shooter :)

CounterFett said...

True story.

It was the first computer FPS game I really enjoyed. Which is funny, because it seems like a total ripoff of Halo, excpet for the awesome characters and story.

Dawfydd said...

I think that's a real testament to the overall quality of the game, especially on the X-Box.

Does it riff on Halo? Oh god yes, but find me a shooter post-Master Chief that didn't steal some of it's key game mechanics (two weapons? regenerating health/ shields? largely seamless levels?). Plus the writing has a real sense of humour and can poke fun at itself ('Another hanger?')

More missions would have been nice, but I firmly believe that one of the key mistakes in Lucasarts decline in the last decade was not building on the strengths of titles like Republic Commando.
I mean hell, could you imagine if they'd gone from Republic to Rebel Commando? A proper squad shooter through the OT's greatest hits & beyond.... Alternatively RC novelist Karen Traviss coined the equally awesome title Imperial Commando.

(sorry, as you can tell I'm a bit passionate about Lucasarts and their specatacular ability to fail to deleiver in recent years...)

CounterFett said...

I'm largely in the same camp as you. My favorite quote along those lines is Sev on Kashyyyk saying 'See, this is what I'm talking about. A power a tree."

I've been very disappointed in Lucas Games of late. Where's Battlefront 3? RC 2?

This needs to be addressed. How are they the only video game franchise that ignores what the fans want?

Dawfydd said...

To be fair though, Battlefield 3 was in development with the guys behind Timesplitters. Unfortunately the studio went under a couple of years ago and all that got out was some sweet concept art (Dark-side Ben Kenobi? Hell. Yes.)