Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #13!

Good evening friends and readers. I'm feeling a bit terrible due to some nausea. I blame my crummy work environment. In any event, I am home now, and having a wholesome dinner, and fully intend to keep up my end of the blogger/reader covenant. Today's installation is the return of video games in general, and the debut of what might be my favorite gaming franchise in particular.
Mjolnir Mk.IV. This is the suit of Armor worn by Spartan II supersoldiers before the era experienced during the first game, Halo: Combat Evolved. You read about it in the books and even see it in one of the prequel games, Halo Wars. Now, this version went from the commissioning of the Spartans to some time after the encounter with the Covenant, from whom later Marks of Mjolnir would derive their energy shielding.

Plus points for awesome, genetically engineered, seven foot super soldiers bred from childhood to be faster, stronger, better than you and I. And also, it comes in my favorite color. Olive Drab. Minus points for not being quite as sweet as the MkV.


Bix said...

I was expecting this to be higher up the list but then I saw it was the Mk.IV and remembered you're going to the effort of featuring different models. :D

I love Mjolnir armour and Eric Nylund gives great details of it in his books. Just finished reading The First Heretic by Aaron Dembski-Bowden and his descriptions of Marine armour I'm certain have been inspired by Mjolnir.

CounterFett said...

It's likely.

As much as the partisan fanboi's want them to compete vs. each other, Spartans and Astartes have much more in common than they have different.

I'm like you, I like both universes, so it does not bother me much. I'm just happy we have such great books for both.