Sunday, March 20, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #16!

That's right folks! Another day, another dollar, another brick in the wall, and another post in the Power Armor Countdown! Leaving Warhammer 40,000 for the time being and returning to the magical world of video games, we are revisiting Starcraft and the groovy Terrans!
Terran Firebat. With a voice that makes R. Lee Ermey look like a sissy, the Terran Firebat dispenses justice, and fire to the degenerate xenos in the name of the Empero...wait, wrong game. Yeah. So, firebats are burly, and have some of the more memorable unit quotes from both installments of the Starcraft Franchise. Though technically a ranged unit, because of how the flamethrower animation works, the Firebat acts as the Terrans' much needed heavy melee unit, and is especially valuable early in the game against the numerous Zerg, who are particularly susceptible to fire. Yay, flamethrowers! Additionally, in most instances Firebats are tougher than regular Marines (upgrades in both games can change this, I think, your mileage may vary).

Plus cool points for awesome appearance, Ving Rhames voice, and flamethrowers. Minus cool points for still folding like hotel sheets against dedicated combat units.


F... like Fagundes said...

I've always been a fan of the firebat, it's a tough unit with a lot of firepower. Always a safe bet to go with about 20 of them as a great compliment to my marine waves. if only they didn't have to get so close, my tanks wouldn't have to kill them...

Airr said...

"Leaving Warhammer 40,000" & "dispenses justice, and fire to the degenerate xenos in the name of the Empero..." - well, I suppose we all know Starcraft is cribbed off of WH40k :)