Saturday, March 19, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #17!

Good evening from All Things Fett Here in (currently) rain soaked California. After a day of being moderately productive in household tasks, I figured it was time to really get my butt in gear and post a new entry in the Power Armor Countdown. Yesterday saw the debut of the first Warhammer 40k armor, and today we will be following that up with...more Warhammer 40k armor. This installment is somewhat controversial in its placement, for reasons I will discuss at the right time.
Tau XV25 Stealth Armor. A workhorse of the Tau Empire, the XV25 is a 3+ saving, jump-jetting, mimetic camouflaging, burst cannoning can of whoop-ass. Oh, and it can have a fusion gun too, just in case you wanna melta something. It can do so much in fact, that I sometimes wonder why it placed so low in the countdown. I'll tell you why. Because it costs a lot of points, and it is in the elites slot on the force organization chart. Plus points for including everything you could want including the kitchen sink, minus points for making me decide between Stealth Suits and Crisis Suits.

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