Friday, March 18, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #18

Astonishingly, I managed to not forget today's post and actually have said post up on time. This likely stems from the fact that I came home early today to get a jump on the weekend. I make it sound like it was some genius plan on my part, when in reality, my carpool just decided tp leave early, and my backup ride didn't work out. Whatever, it's still nice to be home and on my regular internet schedule. 
Sisters Of Battle Power Armor. Heralding Warhammer 40k's first appearance in the countdown is the Nuns In Spaaaaace. Giving the same save as Astartes armor, Sisters of Battle manage to come in several points cheaper, making them one of the best points values in the game. Minus awesome points for still not being quite as cool as Astartes armor, plus points for being way hotter.

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