Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #20

Well, time for power armor countdown post #20. It's all uphill from here now folks! So far we have seen movies and video games make the countdown, and today's post takes me back to another classic video game, Fallout. All the way back to Fallout 2, in fact (although the armor makes appearances in subsequent games as well).
Enclave Mk II Power Armor. Yeah, it was called Mk II back when it was introduced. See, it was better than Brotherhood Power Armor, which back in the day was just called "Power Armor", and in those heady days, only the enclave had access to it. Similar to Brotherhood power armor, in some versions of the game you could use this armor as a disguise and pose as some random Enclave soldier. This stuff had better damage resistance, augmentation, and just plain looked cooler than Power Armor.

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