Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #21

Well, I missed a day, but it has only served to heighten the drama. Probably not, I suppose, but I never said this was going to be a regularly scheduled feature anyway. Nevertheless, I am trying to keep to a one-a-day posting regimen for this, so I at least will be done in the near future.
Sandtrooper. Yes, while ostensibly not any better than plain old Stormie armor, Sandtrooper armor manages to be a whole lot cooler. It has to be, or else those guys inside it would bake (Har har). Basically, this was the first variant power armor, and the ideas it spawned seemed limitless. All of those cool variant Stormies throughout the ages owe it all to this guy right here. Backpacks and shoulder pads baby.

1 comment:

Bix said...

I’m loving this countdown mate, sorry I missed the suggestion deadline.

You'd hope those Sandtroopers seals work well, otherwise that armour is going to chafe something rotten. ;D