Sunday, March 13, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #22!

Good evening fellow blogging enthusiasts! I nearly managed to get through the day without remembering to post at all, then I realized that the GI Joe post was yesterday evening and not this morning. Oops! Anyway, we are still in the nick of time for day four of the Power Armor Countdown, along with #23 in my somewhat arbitrary ranking of Armor Awesome!
Brotherhood Power Armor. Yes, my beloved Brotherhood of Steel, from the Fallout franchise, one of my favorite sci-fi franchises, fills out today's slot. What's not to love about Brotherhood Power Armor? It looks cool, it keeps the Vault Dweller alive through some pretty heavy crap, it does not restrict what weapons you use, and in some versions of the game, it even works as a disguise! In its Outcast variant (worn, appropriately enough, by Brotherhood Outcasts) it looks even cooler, since they had the sense to paint their armor a dark matte black.

Plus points for looking cool and being in one of the best Post-Apocalypse games ever. Minus points for not being the best armor in said game, being harder than heck to get, and for degrading condition in Fallout 3. God I hated repairing stuff in that game!

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