Monday, March 28, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #9!

Good morning everybody from All Things Fett! Hopefully today will turn out to be another stellar day. After having a great Sunday (recording the podcast was a lot of fun!) and a kickbutt Monday (listening to myself on the podcast was a lot of fun!) I sort of feel that today MUST simply be anticlimactic. I am optimistic this will not be the case, but we shall see. In any event, today we return to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, one of my imagination's favorite places!
Dark Trooper (Phase III). I actually considered including other phases and all of the different variations on a theme that the EU has come up with, but that would have made this countdown really long and boring. I think the ultimate destination suit, the Phase III, in all of its glorious permutations, is what fits the bill here. Now, I hear what you are saying:"But the Dark Trooper is just a droid, it's not a power armor!" Well, I can sidestep this by responding that yes, the Phase I is just a droid, but the phase II and Three are that same droid encased in successively awesomer suits of power armor.

Besides, didn't the final boss from Dark Forces wear a suit of Phase III armor?


Mike Howell said...

Wow, it's like chaos stormtrooper or something.

This guy looks like he'd run you over like a truck, then back up to finish the job.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, the Darktroopers do have a bit of the Chaos Marine vibe, when you get right down to it.

The Happy Whisk said...

Love those kick-butt days. Woohoo.