Monday, March 7, 2011

Power Armor! The (Quasi) Definitive Guide! A Cry For help!

Good morning faithful internets. I have been thinking about something lately that I was going to start posting, but I want to come up with some more material before I begin posting. What that imminent project entails is that I am going to detail and rank against each other some of the different sorts of power armor from games, movies, and books that I have enjoyed. The problem is, I am having a bit of a block when it comes to remembering a good number of types of power armor.

Now I certainly have played a good amount of Games, seen plenty of movies, and read plenty of books. I have a sizeable list that I have assembled, but it really only has 17 different armors on it. So, the question is: What types of armor would you like to see on this list? The guidelines are that it needs to be an armor, not some sort of mech. It needs to actually enhance the reactions or strength of the user through a power source and augmentation. Furthermore, I would rather stay away from comic book stuff, just because it is much more difficult to quatify, say, Iron Man's armor than something from a book or game, which has stats and comparable information.

So, let me have it! What Power Armor would you like to see in the list, competing with its peers?


plainwill said...

mjolnir spartan armor from halo, mobile infantry armor from starship troopers,astartes power armour (of course),us army armor from fallout,the nanosuit from crysis,samus's suit,isaac's armor from dead space,the terran marines armor from starcraft,the armor from tribes,the hev suit from half-life,

Anonymous said...

Landmates from Appleseed, Accelerator Suits from G. I. Joe, the Iron Man suit. Also, if we go back to novels, we find power armor in the Lensman series, The Forever War by Joe haldeman, Armor by John Steakley, and the Legacy of the Aldenata series by John Ringo. This is of course assuming that power armor is being counted as distinct from mecha.

Andy said...

Maybe these are interesting enough:

Remember those suits in Final Fantasy: The spirits within with the OVO packs?

The loader from Aliens. Not really "armour" but it sure did kick some alien ass!