Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Power ArmorCountdown #8!

Good afternoon faithful internets, I hope you are all having a splendid afternoon! The weather here in Kalifornia is finally living up to expectations, and it is clear and warm. Had a bit of an early day, so I am getting a jump on posting the #8 slot on our little countdown to awesome, this week back to videogames, with an entrant that has been a gaming icon for almost my whole lifetime!
The Chozo Armor. It is hard to differentiate the Chozo suit from its wearer, Samus Aran, since the two are individually unique, and rarely separated. However, I will try and list the suit's properties, rather than those possessed by Samus.

An ancient armor designed by an alien race called the Chozo, the Varia suit is gifted to the young human orphan Samus. With it, she is free to pursue space pirates and Metroids. The term Metroid amused me as a youth because I thought it was a kind of inflamed alien butt pimple. Nevertheless, the Chozo suit is a marvel of pseudo future technology, allowing our space bounty hunting heroine to shoot beams, charge blasts, missiles, us a grappling tether, and roll herself into a ball. One wonders what exactly the Chozo had in mind when they were building this thing. It also has boosters which allow Samus to jump great distances as well as unleash surprising bursts of speed.

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