Thursday, March 31, 2011

Samus. Or, Why Are There No Toys?

Good morning, fair readers, Counterfett here. I posted a couple days ago in the Power Armor Countdown about Samus Aran and her power armor (sometimes called Chozo armor, for its makers, or Varia Armor, for its most common incarnation), and it got me to thinking. Why are there not more toys of old Samus? She is one of the most iconic NES era characters, second only to Mario or Link in terms of number of games and fan following. So why can I not get a 28mm miniature of her? Or a 3.75 inch figure of her?

Now, there have been a few statues, and I vaguely recall a Nintendo Power 5" figure, but by and large, there is nothing out now, nor has there realy ever. So, what does a miniature gamer do to represent the iconic Lady and her armor? Scratch Build, of course! I have a few ideas, based upon some home builders I have seen online. I am not going to do anything too ambitious at first, but I will have at least three phases:
  1. Get it on the table now
  2. Intermediate Miniature Conversion
  3. Final Scratch Build.
You should see more of what I plan as I am executing it, in the coming weeks.


MC Tic Tac said...

I actually did a "Sons of Aran" Chapter years ago (stripped them all now).

Nothing fancy just a paint job really.

Gotthammer said...

I kitbashed Samus out of Microman bitz a few years ago (complete with morph-ball), she stands proudly on one of my shelves next to Yak-Face.

Mike Howell said...

Sounds like a great idea. I look forward to seeing WIP and results!

typhoonandrew said...

Reminds me - what about the SAMAS suit from Rifts RPG?