Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shades Of Grey: Another Glimpse Into Black Crusade

“We live for Chaos so that we may die for ourselves.”
     —Grand Marshall Angelica Benoit of the Free Systems Coalition

Over at the Fantasy Flight Games site, there has been posted another preview into the forthcoming game Black Crusade. It's a fascinating glimpse into the various facets of the Chaos Gods, and gives some insight into what flavor a Heretic campaign might have.

While a little short of artwork for my taste, it is nevertheless a good update in that it explains motivations for heretic characters beyond the cliches of "Khorne's Khillers' and that sort of thing. Also, it explains that such characters would likely not see themselves as 'evil,' particularly in a fictional universe devoid of 'good guys.' It is certainly an interesting take. I rather like the alternate themes of what might motivate devotees to each of the ruinous powers.

This keeps looking better. I have high hopes that we will get more and better teasers as we get through the year and closer to that Summer release date.

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