Monday, March 14, 2011

Weird Stuff I Need. Gnome Wars.

Garden Gnomes are one of those things that I have thought were hilarious all my life, but now they are so pop culture that I try not to be too public about it. You know how it is. You don't want to be mistaken for a fairweather fan when everyone is a fairweather fan. But sometimes, something that is simply that cool comes around, and you have to step out of the shadows and grab it. I for one found that thing this weekend, and of course, it is a tabletop wargame.
That something is Gnome Wars, a 28mm game which emulates World War I...with gnomes. You can read about it on the Brigade Games Website. There are multiple factions with which to play, but the ones which interest me the most are the Germans and the Swiss. The Germans simply have a lot of great model options, including a beer stein grenadier and a bratwurst machine gun. Genius. The Swiss Gnomes are marvelous in their pointy hat simplicity. These are the silly toadstool sitting Gnomes you remember from you Aunt Lorraine's garden. But with blunderbusses.

I am thinking of making an order. Because of my cheapskatedness (is that even a word?) and my desire for these to be in scale with my other minis (well, smaller than my other minis, really), I am going to get a few sizes before I really commit. I am going to get a few full size Swiss Gnomes with Blunderbuss (pictured above) and a gaggle of German Gnomelings, which are in a smaller scale. I am thinking that the smaller scale might make them a little more 'Gnomey' in comparison with other miniatures.

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LoneIslander said...

Dammit, just when I get it out of my head you remind me of that dam gnome I want to steal across from my house.