Monday, March 21, 2011

When Dragon's Attack: Ninjago LEGO easter Pack.

Ah, Easter, that wonderful holiday all about bunnies and chickies and eggs filled with cadbury...wait, that's not it...
In any event, the wife and I were at Target, and like every other gift giving holiday, their seasonal aisle is filled with LEGO minipacks for the holiday. Sadly, the store we were at did not have the AT-STs, but we did score a mini firefighter ATV for the missus, and a sweet Dragon v. Ninja shebang for me. Now I like Ninjas. A lot. I like Dragons, potentially even more than I like Ninjas. It all seemed so natural.

Call me an old curmudgeon, but what use is a red ninja costume? Not very sneaky. Plus, that dragon looks like he's going to invite me to follow his nose to a fruity yet nutritious cereal (when part of a balanced breakfast). All in all, a pretty cool set, especially for the $3.50 we got it for.

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kuku said...

that's a very nice ninja and dragon. i wish our country have this kind of promotion pack.... :(