Thursday, April 21, 2011

Casting The Role Of Dinosaur Miniatures...Khurasan To The Rescue!

I got all inspired to play a pulp/dinosaur miniature game, but then pondered the question "Who make miniatures of dinosaurs that look sort of like the ones in Dino D-Day", which is what got me started down this crazy path?
Well, Khurasan, of course. I mean really, the answer is right in the title. Get it together people. So anyway, that is their 15mm Deinonychus, which they say is just right to be a Velociraptor in 28mm. I kind of hate taking their word for it without checking it myself next to figures of known scale, but sometimes that's just tough.
This is the image I am working off of from Dino D-Day. Pretty close, no? The Khurasan version is quite a bit more feathery, which is the current scientific vogue, but I am sure that can be fixed with a little modification and careful painting.

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