Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coming Soon To A Space Hulk Near You!

As some of you might have guessed, I have been doing a good deal of soul searching lately about whether or not I want to move on from Space Hulk to another board game. Not replace it entirely, you see, but rather take some of the burden off of the tired warhorse. Then I did a bit of wallet searching, and decided what disposable income we have needs to go to fixing up the new house.

My kids still like Space Hulk, though Sammi is a bit bored with her army. I still like it, but suffer a bit of the same ennui as she does. I think I need a new bag of tricks. Now that I make her play by the complete rules when we play without Gavin, I actually beat her a fair amount. So maybe I need a handicap to give myself more of a challenge, and to keep it fun and competitive for her.

Then I remembered a pet project from a few months back, and thought it might be time for a bit of a revamp. That's right; OgrynWyng!
See, I have a bunch of these guys that are just about ready made to stand in as Ogryn. The purple guys with Spikers will be Ogryn with Rippers. The fellow in front with the red armor is going to be a Bone 'Ead with close combat weapon, though I am not quite sure what I want to arm him with. I was actually taking a close look at a BrickArms baseball bat.

What does everyone think?

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