Saturday, April 30, 2011

Daily Dose Of Dino- D-Day: Part 8!

Good morning all! Welcome to the glorious start of the weekend. For lack of morning time imagination combined with my son wanting to watch Youtube videos rather than let me post, I've got nothing better than another Dino D-Day faux propaganda post!
This is one of my favorites, as you can probably tell by it being shown this late in the game. It really is at the peak of the World Wars era dramatic inflammatory style. I even like the cunning attempt at avoiding copyright infringement by deliberately messing with the "Remington Ammunition Co., Ilion, New York" trademark. Tidy.


Mike Howell said...

I thought the 12-point buck was fascist enough! And now this!

CounterFett said...

I saw this and I was like "Now the T-rex is after our wimmen!? This shall not stand!"

sonsoftaurus said...

"Just bigger and more fascist." Great.