Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dino D-Day Pseudo Propaganda: Part II

So, for the next part of our adventure in pseudo historical propaganda, I figured we could start aking a look at the character selection art. I planned on starting with the Allies, and alternating days with the Axis side, as long as none of you have any objections. And if you do have objections...umm...well, they'll be too late.
This is Joe, Tommy Gun toting bad mama jama and slayer of raptors. Seriously, his gun seems to be designed to be most effective against the Raptors. Really, it's pretty good against everything in the game, but is particularly effective against raptors.

This is something that actually appeals to me about this game. There is a little bit of Rock-Paper-Scissors element to make it worthwhile having different classes, but if you come up against a different class, you are not just helpless as in some other games.

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