Friday, April 22, 2011

Dino D-Day Psuedo Propaganda Part III

Hey all, Counterfett here ushering you into Easter weekend with tidings of comfort and joy and dinosaurs.
This is kind of a nice faux recruiting poster. I love that all of the Axis materials are actually in German. I don't know if its accurate German or not, since I don't speak it, but it is certainly a nice touch. Similarly, the tone of the work is definitely evocative of period pieces to me, though again I am no expert. All in all, it inspires me to do some gaming in the era, with dinosaurs.

As an aside, folks, I have decided not to post any of the material that has swastikas, because, well, I really don't like Nazis, and don't want someone coming to the site for the first time to see a bunch of swastikas and get the wrong idea. The stylized 'SS' is bad enough. Hope this is not a problem for anyone. I'll post a link if you want to see the artwork on your own hook.


Gotthammer said...

It is worth mentioning that some Aussie gamers made a tabletop game named "Jurassic Reich" - with minis!

CounterFett said...

Ooh, thanks, have to check that out!