Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dino D-Day Psuedo Propaganda Part IV

Good afternoon all! Counterfett here hoping all of you are having a fine weekend so far. I know I sure am, though I am a bit tired from yard work and such. I wanted to make another post today regarding Dino D-day, before I unveil the new poll starting tomorrow.
So this is the Allied character Hardgrave. He is your basic M1 Garand toting GI. Just not Joe. There's already a Joe. The M1, according to the game specs, is supposed to do more damage to Dilophosaurs. Dilos seemed to be the second best Axis unit, in terms of slaying the Allied forces. So a rifle that is great against them seems like a good idea on paper. In reality though, I think Joe with the Tommy Gun might be a better all 'rounder, due to his ability to rapid fire.

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