Monday, April 18, 2011

Halo Bloks UNSC Arctic Combat Unit.

Hey all good morning! I guess 11-ish still counts as morning, right? Change to the work schedule is messing my routine all up, so my morning/evening posting rotation ahs got a bit messed up. Should be back to normal before the end of this week, however.
This is the UNSC arctic combat unit. This is not a new release per se, but since it is very limited availability in some areas, I figured I would give it a quick review. This is actualy the second set of these bad boys that I have picked up, the first one going to Mrs. Counterfett's collection.

All in all, there are no new surprises with this set, though they do come with a good assortment of weapons, and you don't have any repeats of figures. That can either be good or bad, depending on your views on army building. I like it, gives me a good variety, with no unwanted figs. The paint apps are pretty good on these, with the white being a bit 'dingy' as you would expect on soldiers in a warzone. The only thing a bit odd to me is the amount of black on the Marine's paint scheme, since it seems that much dark coloration would be counterproductive.

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