Sunday, April 17, 2011

Halo Mega Blocks Arctic Sniper Specialist! New Release!

While I was at Wal Mart today making totally unrelated purchases with my family, I stumbled upon this rather remarkable set in the LEGO/ Bloks aisle.
Now, he is basically a repaint of the ODST Sniper I got maybe half a year back, but this time he ocmes with a battle rifle! There are currently only two sets that have been released with Battle Rifles. The other one is the Brute Prowler, which clocks in at $20, or therabouts. I got this for $10, which is a bit cheaper than these sets were selling for originally when I picked them up at TRU.

For the figure and the set itself, it is very nice, but no real surprises. The drop pod sets, unlike some other releases, worked correctly from the get go, so there was no need for refresh between waves, unlike the original Hornet, Banshee, and Warthog sets, which were completely supplanted in later waves.

I like this set quite a bit. The battle rifle makes more sense as the backup weapon for a marksman rather than the MA5C that came with the original sniper, and the new paint scheme on this guy is pretty neat, and ties in well with the other Arctic Camo sets out right now.

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Action Ranger Timmy said...

Is this the one from the Easter section ar Target?

CounterFett said...

I got it at Walmart. It is from the same series as the one you see at Target.

I have the impression it was not supposed to be out yet though, because it's not on the Mega Bloks site, and it did not come up in the price scanning system and had to be entered as general merch when I checked out.